PRof Pasha Tabatabai

About Pasha

PhD Physics 2017, Georgetown University

BS Physics 2011, Gonzaga University

Curriculum Vitae

I am interested in the mechanics and assembly of soft living and non-living biomaterials. Outside of science, I enjoy fly fishing, hiking, and cooking.

Undergraduate: I did my undergraduate on the other side of the state. At Gonzaga, I learned that I loved experiments. (Best bagels: The Ultimate Bagel)

PhD training: My formal training in material mechanics originated during my graduate work in Dan Blair's lab at Georgetown University. I studied the assembly of silk protein into new materials, using rheology to study macroscopic mechanical behaviors while measuring protein-scale structural information in parallel. This work was done in the interdisciplinary Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology, and I received my PhD in physics in 2017. (Best place to eat in DC: Rasika)

Postdoctoral work: To expand my knowledge of biomaterial mechanics, I joined Mike Murrell's Laboratory of Living Matter at Yale University. I studied the dynamic assembly of cytoskeletal proteins and the physical rules that govern the behavior of living cells. This work was done in the multidisciplinary Systems Biology Institute. (Best New Haven style pizza: DaLegna)

Classes Taught ( @SU )

PHYS 1210 - Mechanics (SQ21)

PHYS 1230 - Waves and Optics (FQ20)

PHYS 3300 -Electromagnetic Field Theory (WQ21)

PHYS 1231 - Waves and Optics Lab (WQ21)