The Team

Meet the team

MacQuarrie Thomson

Physics '22

"I enjoy all fields of science, but physics is my favorite. I also enjoy playing video games."

Alex Lindgren-Ruby

Physics '22

"I'm interested in medical physics, and in my spare time I love to bake and play guitar."

Devon McKee

Computer Sci./Studio Arts '22

"I'm interested in scientific/creative applications for programming and language design. In my free time I cook, code, play video games, and produce audio."

Reece Keller

Physics/Math '22

"Hello! I like to learn about computational modeling. Outside of that, I enjoy playing piano, videogames, and reading about different types of math!"

Mitchell R.

Biochemistry '23

"Hello! I'm a third year biochem student & I've never met a scientific field that I don't love. When I'm outside of the lab or classroom, you can find me hiking, exploring the outdoors, or in the kitchen playing with pastry arts & teas."

Gabe Kuntz

Physics '24

"I'm a bit of a space cadet with my head in the clouds, you'll often find me looking up at whatever is flying overhead."

Lab Alumni

Juliana Andrade, Civil/Environmental Engineering, 20-21

Daniel O'Brien, Civil/Environmental Engineering, 20-21

Charlotte Sparks, Biochemistry, 21